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By empowering small businesses with knowledge and actionable steps, the Cyber Uplift Step Program (CUSP) removes uncertainty and gives you the confidence to take charge of your cyber security.

“Before CUSP (Cyber Uplift Step Program), I felt intimidated and anxious about cyber security. However, through participating in the program's coaching sessions, workshops, and clinics, and receiving guidance and support from competent and highly knowledgeable mentors, I feel confident and motivated when protecting personal and business information. I strongly endorse participation in this highly valuable program.”

Maria Birse, The QA Dr

Dedicated Cyber Coach

Experience the personalised guidance of a dedicated Cyber Coach who will work with you to understand your business, technology, and current cyber security landscape.

They will expertly tailor the program to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your journey towards enhanced protection. This one-on-one approach meets you where you are and ensures a smooth trajectory to cyber safety.

Personalised Roadmap

Effortlessly navigate the program with a roadmap crafted by your Cyber Coach, tailored to your business needs, and have a tangible impact every step of the way.

Proactive Protection

Gain valuable insights into potential cyber threats, understand why your business may become a target, and implement highly effective self-defence strategies.

Take Action

Learn and execute practical cyber security best practices, empowering your small business to combat threats and protect your valuable assets.

Join A Community

Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded small businesses and trusted cyber professionals.

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Navigating the digital world as a small business owner can be challenging, especially when it comes to cyber security. We believe with the right resources and expertise; all businesses can build their resilience to withstand the challenges of the digital world and thrive in today's competitive economy.

The CUSP program is specifically designed to help South Australian businesses with under 20 employees, or majority family-owned, take that first (or next step) with confidence. With the support of the Government of South Australia, we offer $10,000 worth of expertise and resources at a subsidised cost of $500.

One small step for your business.
One giant leap for your cyber security.


inc GST

Valued at $10,000


  • Dedicated Cyber Coach
  • Personalised roadmap
  • Online training and tools
  • Workshops and networking events
  • Digital certification
  • 1 year Affiliate membership to the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre

As featured in CityMag & InDaily

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What are the learning outcomes from CUSP?


Awareness, knowledge, and action. Understand the current cyber threat landscape and understand why cyber security is important. Knowledge is power and through CUSP you will learn and execute best practices to protect your small business. Finally, all of this is focused on action – you’ll leave the program having completed tangible activities to secure your business.

Is the cost of CUSP $500 per person or per organisation?


The one-off GST inclusive payment is per organisation. This covers the program cost and a 1-year Affiliate membership to Aus3C.

Who should be the contact person from my organisation? Can it be multiple people?


You can select anyone from your organisation, preferably someone deeply familiar with your business.

We do ask that you nominate a single point of contact from your organisation. You may opt for others from your team to participate in all elements of the program, however we do require a key contact to be identified for our communications.

What is the foundation of the CUSP content?


The program content has been specially designed and developed by the Aus3C team in collaboration with a cohort of our industry expert members. It is based on the ACSC Essential Eight (E8) strategies and integrates other vital cyber security methodologies that we have identified as crucial. The content has also undergone rigorous peer review and remains dynamic, continuously being updated to reflect the evolving nature of cyber security.

How much time do I have to commit to CUSP?


Approximately 14 to 30 hours. This includes two mandatory 1-hour cyber clinics, about 15 minutes per LMS module (which can vary), roughly 2 hours per workshop (which can vary), and 2 hours for optional networking events.

If I sign up for CUSP today, do I need to begin immediately?


No, there is no obligation to start straight away however we encourage you to enrol as soon as possible to reserve your spot in the program. Once enrolled, you are free to start learning at your own convenience, pacing yourself through the program elements.

Do I require any prior knowledge or need to have IT experience?


No. CUSP is designed to suit everyone from beginners to experts. You will be guided through every step, with the experience and recommended actions tailored to your level from the first Cyber Coach meeting onwards.

How long will the entire program take?


At a minimum CUSP will take most participants 3 months to complete. However, keeping in mind the busy schedule of a small business, we have designed the program so that you can move at your own pace taking up to 12 months if that's what works best for you.

Do you have a program schedule?


CUSP has been designed to provide a flexible learning experience as we understand the importance of being able to accommodate your existing work and life schedule. We adapt to each participant, providing on-demand services. Currently, Cyber Coach meetings are available for booking into on Thursdays, two workshops are offered a month, and our networking events occur on the second Thursday of each month.

What are program participants saying about CUSP?


Small businesses that are currently working through the program have had wonderful success so far that they've been happy to share. Read their testimonials using this link.

Can I speak to someone to learn more about CUSP before committing?


Yes, we would be delighted to walk you through the program and answer any further questions you may have. Book in a time with us through this link.

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